ADHD in Adults

“Executive” Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is fairly common in adults as well. The incidence of Adult ADHD have been reported in adults is 4.4% (Kessler et al. American Journal of Psychiatry 2006; 163-164: 716-723). It has been noticed that many adults who might have not struggled with ADHD symptoms as a child or at school also meet the criteria of attention deficit disorder in adult life. The common symptoms noticed by these individuals include distractibility, poor concentration, forgetfulness, misplacing things, procrastination, difficulty finishing tasks, multitasking to avoid the problem of maintaining sustained concentration, indecisiveness, leaving seat in meetings, difficulty working in teams and interrupting others when they are busy.

Some adults have mild symptoms like these, but have high functioning jobs requiring maximal brain functioning, and busy lives outside of work, with families or extracurricular activity. These adults meet criteria for “soft ADD” or “ADD not otherwise specified”.

Symptoms of ADHD could be easily managed by appropriate and well tailored doses of medications. Some of the newer medications can be remarkably effective for situations like these in adults, and can enable a busy adult with high expectations at work, home and leisure to fulfill their highest potential. Jafferany Psychiatric Services provides careful evaluation of these symptoms in adults and provides appropriate treatment.